Our Team

Secretary: Rochelle Palmer (left)

President: Donna Power (right)

Rochelle works in Communications and Project Management for the Victorian Government and is also a wife to Andy and mum to Michael and Sammy. She loves community, family and making a difference in the lives of others and was instrumental in the success of Project Kindy’s Girls Night Out 2021. You will receive emails and see social media posts by Rochelle and get to know her through our events.

Donna has her own business, Experience Wellbeing, providing faith formation resources for families and schools. She is also a wife to Fraser and a mum to Cara and Gabriella. Donna founded Project Kindy and enjoys the adventure of connecting Australians to the kindergarten communities in Malawi so everyone can partner together for the children there. You will most likely connect with Donna via email or messenger.

Treasurer: Geoff Smith

Geoff is a teacher at St Joseph’s College, Spring Hill, and a coach for yoga, mindfulness and whole-person wellbeing. He is partner to Ash and loving pet owner of Bodi, their dog. Geoff lives and breathes education and is a constant source of encouragement and wisdom for the Project Kindy team. He makes a tangible difference to our work as treasurer and is the guy that will do up your receipts and annual giving statements.

General Committee Member: Kate Prior

Kate Prior has chosen Project Kindy and the RSPCA to be her charities that she pours herself into and we are forever grateful. Kate is also partner to Ben and loving pet owner and sitter for Eddie and a few other pups. You will be inspired by Kate’s resourcefulness and creativity for fundraising and advocacy as we are.

General Committee Member: Cass Bull

Cass Bull works for St Vincent de Paul and generously offers her experience and expertise to Project Kindy. She is the daughter of the late Alan Bull, who took the Project Kindy children into his heart and was a constant supporter for the last 5 years of his life. Cass is carrying on his legacy and we couldn’t be more honoured. You will get to know Cass through our events and on social media.