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You can directly protect and empower children in poverty in these desperate times. Skyrocketing costs of basics in Malawi and the 25% devaluation of their currency are forcing many vulnerable, subsistence-living families into desperation.


Will you please make an urgent gift of $40 to provide a year's  access to kindergarten for  one of our 375 kids in poverty?


Even better, will you give $20/month and directly empower 5 children with continuous food security and pre-school education?


100% of your tax-deductible gift will reach the kindergartens.


Your impact will be profound as you provide a child with safety, dignity, education, food security, community and hope.


Every $1 from Australia covers $4/month kindy fees, stretching a very long way in Malawi.

Shamzy Shines at Kindy

Here's what's going on.  Our partners on the ground told me recently about little 4-year-old Shamzy (pictured) and his mum. 


Shamzy's single mum had to leave him alone, hungry and vulnerable each day while she looked for small jobs and food. 


One of our teachers saw him and invited Shamzy to be a kindy kid.  This has changed his life. Now he is safe, cared for and fed.


Shamzy and his mum are deeply relieved, grateful and hopeful.


Your gift will cover $4/month kindy fees for children whose parents can't afford it.  You provide short-term food and safety and long-term hope through education, dignity and community.

Your Action is Needed Now

I've already heard that many more kindy families are suffering due to the floods in January, the reduced harvest and now the rise in costs of basics. Their sources of income are at risk.


They can't pay the $4/month kindergarten fees.  Some families are already unable to contribute the required vegetables for the lunches.  This is no time to be further isolated by poverty.


We have a $15 000 fundraising gap for 2023's $40/year/child kindy fees, representing 375 children who won't be covered.


Your once-only gift of $40 will secure access to kindy for one child for next year or your monthly gift of $20 will support 5 children.  Every dollar stretches very far in Malawi, so we will gratefully receive any support you can offer at this time.


Thank you  so much or 'zikomo'!  Please pray for us.

Major Projects - want to give more?

Email us at to download the PDF brochure on major projects to fund or simply write a note in your donation.