Become an Official Member

Serve as a Project Kindy Member

You’ll make us stronger for our
beneficiaries’ sake!

As we grow as a charity, the Project Kindy Village needs the help of people like you to form a strong foundation or of official membership for excellent governance.

Your role includes attending the Annual General Meeting in person or online where you receive our annual report, vote on the committee members and vote on any special resolutions.

You will become more in-the-know of Project Kindy’s journey and be an important voice of support and guidance.  There may be other general meetings called throughout the year on a needs basis.

There is no fee attached and when you sign up it is a lifetime membership unless you write to to resign or you pass away.

Email the committee at to join the Project Kindy Members Register to confirm you support the purposes of Project Kindy and agree to be bound by the Project Kindy Constitution (below).

The Project Kindy committee reserves the right to reject a member’s application and is not obliged to give reasons.