Volunteer Opportunities in Malawi


Are you passionate about pediatric medicine and looking for ways to give back? Consider participating in volunteer opportunities in Malawi! More than 400 board-certified pediatricians and pediatric subspecialists dedicate their time and expertise to self-regulation efforts in the field. These dedicated volunteers come from diverse backgrounds, representing a wide range of practice types, ages, genders, geographies, ethnicities, and experiences. We appreciate the invaluable contributions of all our past and present volunteers.

General Pediatrics Examination Committee

Join forces with your peers in the pediatric community to develop in-training, certification, and continuing certification exams in General Pediatrics. Serving on the General Pediatrics Examination Committee offers a meaningful way to contribute to the field and shape the future of pediatric medicine. Committee members are appointed for a term of six years. To be considered for a position, nominees must be board-certified in General Pediatrics or a pediatric subspecialty. Make sure to provide a list of references and upload an updated CV to enhance your chances of selection.

Subspecialty Subboards

If you have expertise in a particular pediatric subspecialty, consider becoming part of a Subspecialty Subboard. By collaborating with fellow specialists, you will play a crucial role in developing in-training, certification, and continuing certification exams specific to your subspecialty. Similar to the General Pediatrics Examination Committee, the term of service is six years. Nominees must hold board certification in a pediatric subspecialty. Ensure you include references and upload an updated CV for consideration.

Continuing Certification Committee

The Continuing Certification Committee focuses on maintaining the highest standards of continuing certification in General Pediatrics and pediatric subspecialties. As a committee member, you will evaluate requirements and recommend program improvements to ensure pediatric practitioners stay up to date with the latest developments in the field. Committee members serve for six years and must be actively maintaining certification in General Pediatrics or a pediatric subspecialty. Provide a list of references and update your CV when applying for a position.

Practice Analysis Panels

Practice Analysis Panels play a vital role in identifying the knowledge areas that should be assessed in the ABP’s certification examinations. Collaborate with your peers to ensure that the exams accurately reflect the knowledge and skills required for pediatric practice. The time commitment for practice analysis participation varies, ranging from a one-time meeting to several meetings. References and CVs are not required for this role.

Standard Setting Panels

Standard Setting Panels are responsible for determining the passing scores on the ABP’s examinations. By participating in these panels, you will contribute to maintaining the integrity and fairness of the certification process. Standard-setting panels typically convene for a single, two-day meeting in Chapel Hill, NC. No references or CVs are necessary for this role.

User Panels and Focus Groups

If you’re interested in providing feedback on a range of topics related to pediatric education and continuing certification program development, consider joining User Panels and Focus Groups. Your insights and opinions will help shape the future of pediatric education and certification. The time commitment for focus group participation varies, ranging from a one-time meeting (either virtual or in-person) to several short meetings throughout the year. No references or CVs are required for this role.

Virtual Usability Testing

For those who prefer more flexible volunteer opportunities, Virtual Usability Testing offers a convenient way to contribute your expertise. Participate in evaluating websites and other digital products at your own pace and convenience. You can choose to participate when requested, skip a request, or opt-out at any time. This role does not require references or CVs.

In conclusion, volunteer opportunities in Malawi allow pediatricians and pediatric subspecialists to make a significant impact in their field. Whether you choose to join a committee, participate in panels, or provide feedback through focus groups, your contributions are invaluable. By sharing your expertise, you can help shape the future of pediatric medicine. Don’t miss the chance to give back and enhance your professional development. Update your CV, list your references, and apply for a volunteer position today! Thank you to all our volunteers, past and present, for their dedication and commitment. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of children in Malawi. Volunteer opportunities in Malawi await you!