Village Update Jan-Mar 2019

To our dear Project Kindy Village,
We hope this finds you very well.  Again we have both good news and bad news.
This quarter we sent our annual donation of $25 000 which secures the $36/year kindergarten fees for our 700 children.  All our little offerings come together to make a very big impact in Malawi.  It may not sound like a lot here, but it stretches a very long way over there and 100% of it reaches the children who desperately need it.  Thank you for your contribution, support and advocacy.

Let’s start with the super cute compilation of the videos Sr Giovanna Tosi sent us on February 25, 2019. To see the 2 minute video of the children saying thank you to YOU, go to:

Have you seen the disastrous impact of Cyclone Idais in Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe in the news?  Sr Joanita reported to me that none of our kindergarten children has lost their lives, however, many families have lost their homes and crops.  This is quite devastating.  Most of our mud and stick hut kindergartens in the rural areas have been destroyed.   To read about the terrible floods in Malawi caused by cyclone Idais in March, go to:
A few compassionate souls of our Project Kindy Village have asked if they can donate towards a special crisis fund to alleviate the suffering caused by the cyclone.  Your extra support at this time would be most appreciated. To donate to our Project Kindy Flood Appeal, simply write the word “Flood” in the description of your once-off donation.   Paypal and Bank Details can be found at: 

Thank you to everyone who attended or supported our Project Kindy Cocktail Party at Cloudland.  It was such a beautiful thing to have so many compassionate, fun and positive people in the same room.  The event aimed to give our village a wonderful evening of celebration and connection, show the impact of your support with videos, photos and a display of the food, invite new people into our grassroots initiative and to raise funds.    

Thank YOU for offering your love to these little, innocent ones who suffer extreme poverty. They are so thirsty for the knowledge and skills you enable them to learn and they are so hungry for the lunches you provide.  Thank you!

Kind regards
Donna Power