Village Update: Apr-Jun ’19

Thank you for your ongoing support of the kindergarten children and their communities in rural Malawi, especially after the floods earlier this year.  The highlights of our report are:

Tax-Deductible Donations for the exact same kindergartens are very welcome through the charity, “Innocents Relief” (details here) 

Sr Joanita has sent her first report, (see attached) with exciting news regarding using our funds for the construction of a permanent classroom

“Mastermind” –  You’re invited to our annual ideas session in person or on facebook live, to help plan our “September Shindigs” appeal

“September Shin-digs” – You’re invited to raise money for another permanent (flood-proof) classroom by hosting your own fundraising event in September

Tax-Deductible Donations are very much appreciated because they go to the exact same place and significantly increase our capacity to make a difference in the lives of the children and their communities.   Our friends at Innocents Relief have Deductible Gift Recipient status and donations that have been sent to our Malawi kindergartens through them have provided much-needed help since we began our partnership.  We’re super grateful to them.  If you would like to continue to support the children but would prefer the tax deduction benefit, please donate to “MAL01” at Innocents Relief.  We are thrilled to offer this opportunity with the help of Innocents Relief.

Sr Joanita’s and I talk often via WhatsApp.  Thank you for the extra donations given in response to the floods which went to securing a drop toilet that had become very dangerous due to the floods.  After providing food for the children’s lunches, Sr Joanita informed me that the next most important way to support the kindergarten communities is to provide classrooms that can withstand the floods that wash away the mud and stick rooms each year.  It is very exciting to hear that it only costs about $7000 AUD or $5000 USD to construct a single classroom with a cement floor, brick walls and a corrugated iron roof.  With your continued help, over the next 5 years or so, we can ensure all 11 kindergartens have permanent buildings, a basic element of infrastructure needed.

“The money received will be mainly used to purchase maize, sugar, rice, soya beans, salt groundnuts and fire woods for children’s care and nourishment. Alongside this, looking at the effects of floods at the beginning of this year we have seen a need of building a new and stronger nursery school for one of our nurseries, in Ng’ombo, as their structure fell during the heavy rains.” – Sr Joanita

Our 2019 Mastermind Session will be at 12 Ryans Road, Northgate, Saturday Jul 13 from 2pm – 5pm.  Our first Masterminds last year were so energising!  It will be a fantastic way to get together, share ideas and resources and plan for a successful “September Shindigs” (more on that below).  If you are unable to make it in person, we will film elements of it live on the Project Kindy Mastermind facebook event page.  This is our second focus for the year, 6 months after the Cocktail Party in March. We noticed that our volunteers love to host little gatherings so we thought it would be great to galvanise our efforts and create a focus in September.   We have resources to support you as you plan an event and together at the Mastermind, we can work out a great strategy to ensure we make a very big difference in the lives of many in rural Malawi.  Please come or join the conversation on the Facebook event or here on email.

Introducing “September Shin-Digs”!

Create a shindig with your nearest and dearest to raise money for new ‘digs’ (a new flood-proof classroom) for Project Kindy. We need to raise $7000 to fund the construction of a single-room brick building to replace the mud hut in one of our rural village kindergartens in Malawi. 100% of your donation will be sent to the Canossian Sisters who manage the kindergartens.

A classroom that can withstand flooding will give many children year-round access to early-years education for years to come. Evidence from a range of research argues that ‘school readiness’ is one of the most effective ways to raise the standard of living in poverty-stricken countries. A local company will be employed for the construction so your funds will also be providing local jobs.

Create your own event and donate the funds into the Project Kindy Bank Account (on the website). Ideas include dinner, games-night, ladies’ lunch, trivia, live music jam night, champagne breakfast, family picnic, arts workshop, makeover afternoon or movie night.

Thank you very much!  
The next email you receive from me will be thanking you for your donations from this financial year.  We truly love being a part of this grassroots initiative.  With internet banking, Whatsapp and email, we really can connect directly with the local communities in Nsanama and surrounds. Isn’t that amazing?!  I’m dreaming of another trip to Malawi in April 2021 – would you like to come?  Start saving!  

Thank you again and I hope to see you at the Mastermind or at a Project Kindy fundraising event in September!

Kind regards
Donna Power