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We are a Brisbane-based charity that raises funds for kindergartens in poor, remote areas in a country called, Malawi, in Africa. 100% of your tax-deductible gift covers the $4/month kindy fees at the grassroots, where it is most needed.

There are currently 11 kindergartens with 1069 children and 71 staff involved. We are privileged to serve the Canossian SIsters' mission and as our partners on the ground they give us excellent reports on how our funds are spent for the good of the children.

project kindy 11 kindergartens in Malawi Africa run by the canossians

“I’m proud to be associated with Project Kindy.  Every cent goes to charity.  I love kids. Make sure kids are fed.  It’s a simple as that for me.” 

Kylie Grimley, Integrated Infrastructure Planning.

The local teachers, assistants, cooks, P & C committees and mothers do the work day in-day out, to provide education for the children amidst very challenging circumstances of extreme poverty. They powerfully demonstrate values that we share such as love for community, children, education, tenacity, dignity, equality, service, joy, hope, courage, generosity and gratitude.


Your support is life-saving and life-changing for children in extreme poverty.  You provide them with life-saving access to food security, safe and dustfree learning environments and life-changing access to pre-primary education, caring teachers and fun little friends.

You can be sure 100% of your donations reach the poor. Our 'Angel Givers' choose to donate to our expenses account to cover costs.

We are a registered charity with the ACNC and are approved for DGR status by the ATO.

Why Kindergarten?

"Kindy is a sustainable, community-run project that provides vulnerable children with food security, skills and dignity."

Donna Power, Founder


Children in Malawi suffer from malnutrition and hunger as their subsistence farming families face food insecurity regularly.  The kindergarten students receive a filling polenta-style lunch Monday to Friday, 10 months of the year.   We need your help to provide this crucial food source for the children.


Project Kindy Brisbane charity fundraising for kindergartens in rural Malawi for children in poverty.


Kindy develops their social and behaviour skills, basic numeracy and literacy and a growing sense of confidence and belonging to community.  This sets them up for success in primary school and subsequently secondary school and beyond, creating leaders and active, skilled citizens.  Give the gift that keeps on giving!!



Poverty isolates children and without kindergarten they are often left without adult supervision and food for long periods of time.  The communities see the value in bringing the children together during the day under the care of teachers and with the friendship of each other.  Project Kindy also provides special t-shirts and shoes to increase the children's experience of dignity.


Project Kindy Brisbane charity fundraising for kindergartens in rural Malawi for children in poverty.


Classrooms provide weather-proof shelter, dust-free classrooms and security.  The wells provide essential access to fresh and local water.   We plan to empower the communities to be self-sufficient in the long term.   We need your help to provide the essential funding for these projects.


How much does it cost?

“Giving $4 a month for a kid in Africa to go to kindy is an achievable and powerful gift.” 

Justin Rouillon, 96Five Radio and Bridge Media.

project kindy committee for 2024 Donna Power Rebecca Ramsden Jacqui Du Payne Rochelle Palmer Kate Prior Kylie Grimley and Michelle McClafferty

Partnerships and Prayers are our Powerhouses.
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