Special New Kindy T-Shirts Dignify the Kids and the Project

Clothing is a big deal. It is an expression of dignity. When a little person does not have good enough clothes due to poverty, they are isolated from community even more. Poor clothing immediately indicates lower status and the social ramifications have a profound effect on children and adults alike.

We want to clothe these children with dignity. We want every child included, uplifted, seen and valued.

We have NEVER done this before. This is super exciting for us. Our incredible partner, Bonpinda Uniforms, provided funding for special Project Kindy t-shirts for our 1000 children and 60 staff/volunteers in the 11 kindergartens in Malawi. We are over the moon to see the dignity provided for all the children and adults in our kindergarten communities through these uniform t-shirts.

Push and Bon from Bonpinda Uniforms donate $1 to Project Kindy for every school uniform set sold in Australia. Please support them and check out their website.

Our Project Kindy colours are yellow and teal and the yellow shirts really make a statement! There was a little mix up with the logo and they have one of our draft images. It is still Donna’s daughter’s 2 handprints and the hearts in the palms still represent our community-type love for the children. So, the meaning is the same and the feedback from the people there is that they are very grateful and happy with the shirts.