Village Update: Oct-Dec 2018

It feels SO GOOD to be uniting with you and our Aussie and Malawi villages to bring hope (and lunch) to children experiencing extreme poverty! Welcome to the Project Kindy Village to all our new friends and thank you to those who have been in the village for some time now, for your continued support.
We have some good news and some not so great news. 

Firstly, LET IT RAIN!!!  Can I get a toot toot??! It’s Harvest Time in Malawi which means it’s time for our annual donation so the Canossian Sisters can purchase 9 months’ worth of school lunches for our 700 or so children.  This huge amount of corn and rice grain will be transported in lorries to the convent where it will be stored across several sheds.  Let’s celebrate with a Cocktail Party at Cloudland on March 2.

The $60 tickets do not include a donation so we our Silent Auction will be pivotal to the fundraising success of the night.  Do you have a luxury item or a bundle of luxury items to donate? Please reply to this email – we need your gifts in kind!!

Purchase YOUR tickets and feel WONDERFUL for connecting with our African “friends-we-haven’t-met”.  There is research where they tested what increased the happy hormones in the saliva of people and it turns out that GIVING MONEY or HELP to people you don’t know is actually the biggest high a human can experience.  You can enjoy a direct connection to your beneficiaries here at Project Kindy, as 100% of your donation reaches the children.  We voluntarily work hard in the background and the volunteers work very hard in Malawi to ensure your time, money and advocacy is respected and optimised.  Experience the joy of loving your global neighbours!

Time is running out so PURCHASE your tickets ASAP and bring a friend (or even a group of friends!)

Bad News

The rains did come but they either came too little or too much at a time.  In southern Malawi there was not enough rain and then near Lilongwe, floods damaged infrastructure, housing and took lives this January.  Read Flood Article.The country is never really out of danger as they depend on the weather for their once-a-year crops.  The children are amongst the most vulnerable to food insecurity.

I was very saddened at the sudden loss of our wonderful Project Kindy villager, Bill Mulcahy last year.  Bill had such a huge heart and the children in Malawi were so blessed by his generosity, as were the Aussie teens he journeyed with as a teacher and principal.  I’d never met his family, but am so touched that his beautiful wife, Carole, and his 7 daughters, have decided to continue building Bill’s legacy through Project Kindy. We can’t wait to meet you in person at our Let It Rain event in March.

Good News

YOU, dear Project Kindy Villagers, have continued to give your gifts (most common: $8/month, $20/month or $50 once off gift), advocated for the children online and offline by sharing our Let It Rain event and run your own fundraising initiatives.  We have a bunch of new donors and new event guests and we’re so thrilled to link arms with you for a noble cause.

BIG THANKS to Tim and Jo McDade, their 4 kids and their excellent friends for spreading the word at their January, “Festival of Friends” event.  It was a brilliant, fun evening of live music, good laughs and even music trivia, all out on the grass under the stars.  I felt connected and it was perfect to extend our great night to those friends of ours in Malawi who also hang out on the grass at night under the stars.

BIG THANKS to Olivia and Camille Chesterton from Rosie Lou cards and stationery for their generous hearts as they ran their Charity Christmas Cards appeal for Project Kindy again this year.  Amazing!!  There will be Rosie Lou items for sale at our Cocktail Party with profits donated back to the children.  Don’t miss out!

News of Change

Sr Josephine Allieri has been moved to Lilongwe (where the floods were last month), so she is no longer managing the kindergartens.  She has found some recipients in Lilongwe for the uniforms donated by Holy Cross Primary School Woolloowin – thanks again guys!  Sr Joanita is replacing her but I haven’t met her via Whatsapp or Email just yet as I’m sure it is a very busy time for her getting settled in. Let’s pray for Sr Joanita!

VERY BIG THANKS to Belinda Starrenburg who has generously served our Project Kindy Village as Secretary, Treasurer and mastermind strategist for over 2 years.  We appreciate her gifts of expertise, time and creativity and wish her well as she focuses on her family.

WELCOME to Amelia Heaton as our new Treasurer.  We’re so grateful to have her and her Excel wizardry on board to keep our financials in fine order.

Remember 100% of your donation covers the $4/month Kindergarten Fees. Increase your impact simply by:

– Giving regularly into our bank account or via paypal (see for details)

– Tell your story to a friend, why do you like Project Kindy?  

Is it that only $4/month can stretch so far in Malawi?  

Or that you have a direct connection to the children and you  know exactly where your money is going?  

Or is it that 100% of your donation reaches the children in the form of kindy fees?

Or do you like that the research overwhelmingly demonstrates that pre-school education is one of the most efficient and effective ways of overcoming poverty?

– Leave a legacy in YOUR Will for the children Project Kindy supports.  You know, a gift of $5000 for example, would stretch an ENORMOUS way for in Malawi.  See our ABN below and add us into your documentation and rest assured you will leave a lasting legacy of hope and improvement of living standards for some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

Thank you very much!
Kind regards
Donna Power