Village Update: July – Sep ’18

Dear Project Kindy Village,
The combination of your generosity directly empowers about 700 children in rural Malawi.  This year’s rain’s were not good, so the food security you are providing will be critical as these dry months continue.  Sr Josephine has recently sent me a message on WhatsApp to update us. I love her messages because it reminds me how real our grassroots initiative is.
“Dearest Donna
How are you?  Here’s fine, very hot. Yesterday our “Tisungane” group met to evaluate the running of the schools.
Here’s the report.
The government doesn’t like Christian names so don’t be surprised to find each school with two names.
1 Bakhita Nursery         177 children
2 Katundu Holy Family   56
3 Nkasho  St Pius          79
4 Masao  St Kizito          51
5 Mlambe                      30
6 Tadala St Teresa          90
7 Mwai Wathu Mtima      58
8 Mahethe St Anna        58
9 Napini St Augustino     41
10 Tikondane                 55
11 Kankolosi                   15
Total children  710
Total teachers 30
Thanks a lot for your support and love
Below are the photos she took on WhatsApp of herself holding a newborn (too cute) followed by the new building and paintings and well for the St Teresa kindergarten in Tadala.
We had a couple of people ask about receipts for tax purposes. We do not have “DGR” status (Deductible Gift Recipient) but we’ve teamed up with Innocents Relief, who do!  You can donate through them and nominate “Malawi 01” to be your beneficiary and 97% of your funds will reach these exact same kindergartens. Innocents Relief will be able to issue you tax receipts for your donations. For more info, please see our website page:
Would you like to be more involved in Project Kindy?  Come to our quarterly morning or afternoon teas!  You’ll help increase the positive impact for our communities in Malawi, be encouraged by like-minded people and enjoy some light refreshments too.  Our next one is on November 11, 3:30pm – 5pm in Brisbane.  Reply here for the address!
Also, have you included Project Kindy as a beneficiary in your will?  We would be honoured to help bring your legacy to life, if you choose to include us in this way.  Even just small amounts can go a very long way in rural Malawi.  Thank you for considering it.
Thank you!
Kind regards
Donna Power