Village Update: April – June 2018

Dear Project Kindy Village,
We are a part of something very special, a grassroots international partnership that deepens and expands as time goes on. Thank you for all the different ways you support us.  This quarter was quite exciting. Here are the highlights for you!
The 96five Radio station blessed us with two very dignifying pieces, a feature story and a segment called “Family Worship”.
To listen/read CLICK HERE!
project kindy children waving to donors


Our first Trivia Fundraising Night was a wonderful success, raising $1500 for our kindies and $1500 for a Fransiscan P-12 school in Timor-Leste.  Thank you to Jacqui Du Payne and family for initiating and running the event, the St William’s Catholic Parish for hosting, the donors of the prizes and for the wonderful 130 guests on the night and others who donated prior to the night.
The annual Queensland International Institute Fundraising Night for our kindies was also a wonderful success, raising $1700 for our kindies!  Massive thanks to Julie Soh and her very generous family and friends who have impacted our communities so powerfully in just one night, many of whom are ongoing supporters also.
Would you like to host a Trivia Night or a Fundraising Dinner Party?  We can support you! We need you to provide the guests and the venue and we can provide the rest! Simply reply to this email to start the conversation.
Please share our story with your friends and family and offer the opportunity to them to be a part of our special grassroots movement.  Your conversations, your personal testimonials are the most powerful forms of advocacy we could ever ask for. 
Here are more photos from Sr Josephine that she sent me on Whatsapp, demonstrating the impact of your donations.
project kindy donations buy huge amounts of corn and rice for kindergarten lunches in rural Malawi
project kindy donations



​Our Project Kindy Executive Committee decided that the most sustainable way for us to consolidate and grow as a charity is to increase our regular donors and accept donations from third-party fundraising events.  We deeply appreciate every donor and advocate who supports Project Kindy.  Thank you to Allison White, Belinda Starrenburg and Kiara Palmer for volunteering for the administrative roles on the committee.  Your time and efforts are appreciated.

Kind regards
Donna Power
p.s. ​

Finally, just a thought, please think of the children when you are giving thanks for your meals, because they give thanks for you at lunch time.