Education Partnerships in Brisbane

The Education Futures Institute (EFI) in Brisbane is dedicated to empowering educators, departmental staff, school and system leaders to enhance their professional expertise and well-being. Through high-quality, targeted capability development, the EFI aims to create a thriving and capable workforce that helps young people realize their potential.

Empowering a Thriving Workforce

The Equity and Excellence education strategy implemented by the department emphasizes the importance of a workforce culture focused on professional excellence and sustained improvement. The EFI plays a crucial role in achieving this goal by empowering the workforce through various initiatives:

Flagship Programs

At key career junctures, the EFI offers flagship programs that provide essential support and development opportunities. These programs are designed to guide educators and leaders through different stages of their careers, ensuring continuous growth and improvement.

Professional Standards-based Capability Development

The EFI is committed to delivering high-quality capability development programs that are aligned with professional standards. These programs provide educators with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their roles and make a positive impact on student learning outcomes.

Innovative Partnerships

To enhance the quality of education and professional development, the EFI collaborates with leading academic, education, and industry partners. These partnerships foster innovation, enabling educators to stay up-to-date with the latest research, practices, and technologies.

Targeted Coaching and Capability Development

The EFI recognizes the importance of leveraging professional expertise and school improvement. Through targeted coaching and capability development, educators and school leaders can enhance their skills and knowledge, leading to improved teaching practices and student outcomes.

Accessible Professional Learning

The EFI aims to make professional learning more accessible and contemporary for staff members. By offering a range of courses, programs, and learning opportunities, educators can engage in ongoing development that suits their individual needs and schedules.

Learning Opportunities

The EFI provides a wide range of learning opportunities through its comprehensive catalogue. These opportunities include:

  1. Mandatory Training:
  2. Programs that staff are required to undertake to understand the responsibilities of their role.

  3. Educational Leadership and Flagship Programs:

  4. Programs designed for school leaders at different career stages, from aspiring principals to experienced principals.

  5. Teaching Expertise:

  6. Programs that empower educators to build professional expertise throughout their teaching career. These programs offer targeted development opportunities to enhance teaching practices and student outcomes.

  7. School Support and Corporate Capability:

  8. Programs that cater to non-teaching school support and corporate staff, providing them with specific capability offerings.

  9. Health and Wellbeing:

  10. Programs aimed at supporting the health and wellbeing of staff members, recognizing the importance of their overall well-being in their professional roles.

The EFI continually updates its catalogue to include new programs and opportunities. Staff members are encouraged to regularly check the EFI catalogue on OnePortal to stay informed about the latest offerings.

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