How we Keep our Promise to Send 100% of Your Donations to the Grassroots

We are big fans of Charity: Water, an American charity that is disrupting the traditional models of NGOs. They took notice of the public’s growing lack of trust in big charities and devised a model based on transparency and donor choice to regain that trust. Charity: Water have not sacrificed their operations cost, which are about 40% of the total funds raised and therefore their management and work is of an excellent standard. This is important to note because the public want their money well looked after and are happy for those operations cost to exist. So, how did they do it?

Essentially, Charity: Water created a new question and empowered donors to make a conscious choice. General donations are received into one account and 100% of the person’s individual funds are connected directly to a water project and the donor receives specific evidence of the impact of their funds. People love that they have a direct line to the grassroots and can see their funds making an impact. This increases engagement and trust dramatically.

Donations for expenses including staff wages and operations costs for the Charity itself are received into a separate account. Philanthropists and special donors contribute by choice into this account and see that their role is essential to the outcomes of the charity, because without staff, governance requirements, insurance, website tech, storytelling, email and blog stories from the field etc the fundraising for water projects in poor areas simply won’t happen.

The difference is that the choice is given to the donor and the reporting is clear and the line between donations and impacts is easy to understand. This is a respectful and engaging strategy that puts communication with the donor at the centre.

At Project Kindy, we aim to incorporate the same values of respect, transparency and direct impact into our work for our donors and supporters. We show you exactly where 100% of your money goes. It’s our responsibility to find our ‘Angel Givers’ who take an interest in providing for our operations costs to empower us to do excellent work. You have a choice and you are invited to engage more deeply in the work whichever choice you make.

Thank you!

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