Lost Little Boy, Shamzy, Shines at Kindy

Please be encouraged by this current story of a precious student, Shamzy, who now attends one of the kindergartens we support. This piece was written by Sr Giovanna Tosi for the Project Kindy Village in January 2022.

Shamzy and his mum

“Shamzy Fyson is a very charming little boy. He is 4 and half years old. He is the youngest of 4 kids, and the only boy. His eldest sister is 13 years old. Shamzy’s father left the family and went back to Mozambique soon after the birth of Shamzy. He has never seen or cared for his children since then.

Shamzy’s mother survives by cleaning the maize or the rice at the various mills in the village. When it is a time of famine, or if there is no maize or rice being harvested, and there is not much at the mill, Shamzy’s mother goes around asking people to wash their clothes, so to get little help to keep going for that day. They really try to survive one day at a time.

Shamzy remains at home, for his mother cannot carry him while she goes searching for a small piece of work. His older sisters don’t really look after him, so Shamzy is often roaming about in the nearby streets for almost the whole day. Everybody knows him in the village, and they do try and take care of him. When Shamzy’s mother does not return during the day, people give him little amounts of food. 

Shamzy was brought to Bakhita Nursery School by one of the kindergarten teachers who lives nearby and felt sorry for the little boy always walking around alone on the streets. Our teacher took the initiative to speak to the mother asking permission to bring him to the kindergarten. The mother obviously agreed,  happy and grateful that her son was finally off the road and taken care.

In no time, Shamzy felt at home and started socialising with the other kids at the kindergarten. This was in December 2021, almost at the close of the scholastic year. We promised the mother that Shamzy will continue in the coming year. Shamzy’s mother also sees how good it is for the child to be in school, and committed herself to see that she prepares him in time and then she entrusts him to the teacher who will come with him.”

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