Village Update: Jan-Mar ’18

Dear our wonderful Project Kindy Village,
TERRIBLE NEWS: This year’s annual rainfall in Malawi was dismal which indicates that food insecurity will be a very serious crisis as the months go on. Millions of people will be suffering from starvation in Malawi however because of YOUR generosity, we know that nearly 800 children in rural villages will have food in their tummies every kindy day this year.  100% of your donation covers the $4/month kindy fees for children in poverty.  Your gift is immediately life-saving and the education you empower them to receive is life-changing in the long term. Thank you for making a very important and direct difference.
Buy Tickets and find details here for our annual fundraiser at Cloudland, May 12, “Making Malawi Mothers Smile” (the next day is Mothers Day).  100% of the donation segment of each ticket will cover a child’s $4/month kindy fees for a year. Enter the code, “earlybird”, at the checkout to secure a $10 discount on each ticket purchased by April 12. We would love to have you join in the party and help us raise enough money to secure kindergarten fees for many children in need.
We donated $12500 AUD this quarter!  Thank you!  Here is the response from two of the Canossian Sisters:
“Dear Donna, my heart rejoiced full of thanks for you help. Just this morning we had a meeting with the representatives. Planning for the closing of the second term. All the teachers are grateful for your support specially this year since the harvest is so poor.
May the Risen Lord bless you and all those who are supporting Kindy Project .
Love Sr Josephine”  (Sr Josephine is the lady on the ground in rural Malawi)
“Dearest Donna,
Thanks for ‘the living water’ that is welling up in your heart and produce loving concern and practical help for our children!
Thank you for the big sum of money that you have sent for our kinder children! It will be ‘food from heaven’ because once again famine starts even this year…
Convey our thanksgiving to all those who contributed by giving up something for themselves…
The Risen Christ will give you life in abundance: you have recognize him in the poor and needy…
May His peace be with you at Easter! Greetings with much love to Cara!  I am sure that one day I’ll see her!
With love and enormous gratitude, 
Sr M Angela” (Sr Maria is the Provincial Leader)

In other news, we have started building relationships with more wonderful Franchisees of The Coffee Club chain.  This is a long term plan for us, a way to build our network of volunteers, reach donors beyond our friends and family and build our profile too.  Special thanks to James Chandra and the Chermside, Toombul and Stafford owners, Vanessa and Terry Phan for initiating this strategy.  Donation Boxes are just the beginning as we also are working on community-run events too, such as school holiday activities e.g. colouring in Flash Cards to send to the kindies.
Thank you to the kind volunteers who have given time and energy to our Project.  You are deeply appreciated.
Thank you all and please know you are making a real and tangible difference to people who are in circumstances we find hard to even imagine.  Thank you for loving these beautiful little children in need.
I hope you have a lovely Easter.  You are the best Easter Bunny for these kids in Malawi!
Kind regards
Donna Power